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How to keep your website permanently fresh with social media aggregation

By Amit Mehta - April 21, 2015

A social media aggregator brings together all posts from social media networks and displays them on websites. It could be anything from your Facebook post, Instagram picture, Twitter update to content from any other relevant source.

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Preparing for the next Social Media Revolution in 6 easy steps

By Chris Johnstone - March 23, 2015

We believe the next social media revolution has started – and it will take place on brands own websites!
As Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter have become more influential, brands have shifted more and more resources towards them, often at the expense of their own websites. We have now reached a turning point in this trend. Its time for brands to put their own digital assets at the heart of all their online and social marketing campaigns and Hubb Media was established to help them do this.

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Apple’s 50-Storeys High User-Generated Content Campaign: Simple, Effective & Every Brand Can Learn Something From It

By Amit Mehta - March 10, 2015

Go big or go home they say. Well, Apple’s latest marketing campaign with user generated content is big – really really big! After all, it’s occupying the tallest billboard in the world, where else but in Dubai! Talk about being noticeable :)…

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User-Generated Content: 5 Amazing Ideas To Boost Marketing Campaigns

By Amit Mehta - March 5, 2015

User-generated content (UGC) refers to all the content created by a brands end user- as simple as that. Imagine taking a photo with Starbucks and posting it on any social media network with “#ILoveStarbucks”- this is user generated content…

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