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Apple’s 50-Storeys High User-Generated Content Campaign: Simple, Effective & Every Brand Can Learn Something From It

By Amit Mehta - March 10, 2015

Apple World Gallery

Go big or go home they say. Well, Apple’s latest marketing campaign with user-generated content is big – really really big! After all, it’s occupying the tallest billboard in the world, where else but in Dubai! Talk about being noticeable :).

What we love is how the tech giant is blending online & offline marketing.

Apple iPhone User-Generated Content Marketing








Apple recently launched its ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign coincidentally at the same time as Samsung launched its new flagship Galaxy S6. As the name suggests, it revolves around the amazing photos taken on an iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 (and 6 plus) has fantastic features and its sales have recently helped Apple become the largest smartphone maker in the world .

We know it’s a great phone, but what’s next?

What does Apple need to do to stand out further in a fiercely competitive smartphone market from a giant like Samsung to a very fast growing Xiaomi? The lines of product differentiation between any phones screen size, camera pixels, display resolution are blurring at a breakneck pace.

User-generated content marketing campaign: Apple Style!

Apple iPhone User-Generated Content Marketing

Apple’s trump card towards further strengthening its loyal customer army. Something that all its competitors already envy!

A picture is worth a thousand words- true that!

Instead of focusing on the product shots, Apple decided to focus its marketing campaign on the user experience with the products.

The campaign comprises of 77 photographers from around the world in 70 cities and 24 countries. Apple is bridging the gap between online and offline marketing. Its microsite “World Gallery” showcases all the photos from the campaign. These photos will also be used in print media and billboards across these 24 countries.

By leaving content creation in the hands of its loyal users, turning them into official brand advocates. It’s interesting to see how Apple’s using UGC as the central power of its global marketing campaign.

Apple World Gallery

According to Time:

The switch in tactic—a first for a brand that traditionally favours product shots—will highlight the iPhone’s increasingly prevalent role in photography, both among amateurs and professionals, and is inspired by the popular use of the #iphoneonly hashtag on Instagram.

In our previous blog, we spoke about how user generated content influences decisions a lot more than traditional media/content. Also, why it’s an essential driver for marketing strategies. Apple has just put its authoritative stamp on it!


Focusing on website rather than social media networks


The online campaign is focused on Apple’s website engagement. Consumers can explore stunning photos, read about the cameras features and even buy Apple products. They can still share this content on social media. Its refreshing to see a brand put its online marketing focus on its own website and leave the social media shares to the public. Clearly shows that even in todays day & age, your website is king; should not be ignored.

Fun Fact: Apple neither has a Facebook page nor a Twitter account. Its social media presence is restricted to YouTube and Linkedin.


Key takeaways

  1. The user-generated content campaign allows iPhone 6 users to showcase their creativity. What better way to reward brand loyalists?
  2. Photos remind you that iPhones users are in every corner of the world, from Namibia to New Zealand.
  3. It doesn’t matter if the new Samsung Galaxy S6 has more mega-pixels; an iPhone takes brilliant photos. Don’t take Apple’s word for it? See hundreds of beautiful pictures taken by its users.
  4. Apple’s not only strengthening its loyalty among iPhone users but also reaching out to other Android & Windows Phone users with social proof.
  5. A user-generated content campaign has the power to seamlessly blend online and offline marketing channels.

Apple’s unconventional tactics have been highly rewarding a majority of times. Its user-generated content marketing campaign will most definitely reap high rewards! Will competition now play the catch-up game?

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Written By Amit Mehta

Amit manages Business Development & Marketing for Hubb Media. Armed with an MBA and global work experience, he's currently working on his blogging skills! Besides the exciting world of online marketing he enjoys sports and loads of movies! Follow him on Twitter