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How to keep your website permanently fresh with social media aggregation

By Amit Mehta - November 21, 2015


A social media aggregator brings together all posts from social media networks and displays them on websites. It could be anything from your Facebook post, Instagram picture, Twitter update to content from any other relevant source.

If you have a website, I’m sure the biggest challenge you face is getting new content for your website on regular basis. Now, even if you manage to find the time to write/source the content, any non technical person like me can vouch that getting the content updated on the website is a bit of a pain. True?

This is where social media aggregation comes to the rescue! It’s a known fact that even if you don’t update your website, you definitely update the social network pages for your company/ brand.

Bringing all this content on your website, with a native look & feel will automatically keep your website fresh with content at all times! As easy as it sounds.

Our Social Hubb product is a social media aggregation tool, helping brands provide social proof. The simple idea behind this is to engage the audience a lot more along with keeping the content updated with minimal efforts.

We at Hubb Media have included a social wall on our home page. So visitors can directly see our social network updates. In addition to this, we show relevant tech industry news from Mashable, TechCrunch etc. there by not only giving us enough relevant content for our website but also showing something new to our website visitors at all times!


Abu Dhabi Invitational took a similar approach, basing their homepage around their social media content rather than going the traditional way of having to create content.


Another awesome example is Maria Sharapova’s website which is purely a mix of her own social content.


We believe that the next social media revolution is going to be your website :)

Keep your website fresh and updated with Social Hubb.

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Written By Amit Mehta

Amit manages Business Development & Marketing for Hubb Media. Armed with an MBA and global work experience, he's currently working on his blogging skills! Besides the exciting world of online marketing he enjoys sports and loads of movies! Follow him on Twitter