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Review Hubb

A unique Peer to Peer reviews service or your website and brand. Leverage the voice of your customer to increase sales and brand equity.

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Review Travel Brands

Travel Brands

Review Consumer Brands

Consumer Brands

Review Real Estate

Professional Services

Review Financial Services

Financial Services

Review Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

Verify Customers

Verify Customers

Build a team of “insiders” from verified customers and leverage the power of P2P communication

Connect Customers

Connect Customers

Connect existing customers with potential customers via our matching engine and allow them to share information directly

Publish Content

Publish Content

Collect reviews from verified customers and publish publicly shared Q&A’s and conversations

Sign up Your Insiders

Invite your customers to join your “Insiders” program by email. Verified customers are sent an email with a unique registration link only they can access. During the sign up process we collect important data from them which allows our algorithms to match them to the potential customers they have most in common with.

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Collect and Publish Reviews

Browse Reviews

At the end of the registration process your Insiders are asked to leave a review and/or complete a survey of your product or service. this review is added to your website and shared with approved 3rd party services.

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Connect Customers

Connect Customers

Our matching algorithm uses key data points to connect the most appropriate customers to each other. Potential customers can then ask for a bespoke review based on their requirements or ask specific questions about the product or service. The questions are then sent to matching customers for their input.

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Private Conversations

Private Conversations

Private Conversations

Customers can choose to keep their conversations private.

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Public Q&As

Or share them publically on your website. Here the conversation is added to your QA section for the benefit of other customers. Other verified customers can add to the conversation with their own opinions.

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Find out how peer to peer reviews can help your business grow exponentially.

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reviews boost sales

Reviews Boost Sales
Increase the performance of your website by up to 20% thanks to improved conversion rates and repeat business. Reviews inform customers and fully informed customers are more likely to buy.

reviews brands equity

Reviews Create Brand Equity and Trust
Differentiate yourstelf from the competition with honest, contextually relevant reviews and Q&A’s from verified customers and real people.

increase spendings

Increase Ancillary Spend
Increase sales and bookings during the purchase journey by collecting reviews and information about your ancillary products, services and facilities.

prevent fake reviews

Prevent Fake Reviews
Only verified customers can become Insiders preventing fake or mischief reviews from damaging your business and reputation.

empower customer services

Empower Customer Services
Our platform immediately alerts you when a negative review has been received, allowing your team to deal with the issue in a proactive and positive way.

improve seo

Improve SEO and Social Reach
Search engines love a steady stream of unique user generated content. Users can amplify the impact of your insiders program by easily sharing content on major social networks.